A Guide to Cannabis Law in Australia

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  1. advocate says:

    Informative article but could have used more work on the analysis of comparable jurisdictions, as now in addition to washington & colorado, the states of oregon and alaska, as well as washington DC have joined, and now the federal government of canada is going to legalise nationwide, and mexican federal government is also moving to legalise next year, meanwhile the US fed’s have been continually weakening their stance, theres no longer any question of how they will react to state legalisations that was an in issue in 2012-13 only, now in late 2015 they are inevitably moving toward ending prohibition by descheduling cannabis to schedule 2 and because they haven’t reacted to the state legalisations that is why canada and mexico are now emboldened to legalise. Furthermore, in 2016 it is likely that the largest US state, California, will legalise, a reform advocated by the california LT. Gov and 2018 candidate for Governor, Gavin newsom, raising the prospect that by 2017 we’ll see the entire pacific coast of north america from alaska down through Canada, washington, oregon, california, and mexico, all fully recreationally legalised. In this context, australias ridiculous prohibition will look incredibly archaic and alienate us from our trans pacific partners.

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