Labor minister Gary Gray eats his own hair

We get that times are tough in Perth so that could explain why the Member for Brand, the Shadow Minister for Resources Gary Gray has taken to eating his own hair.

As his colleague David Feeney addressed the House of Reps on Wednesday about our colonial history, Mr Gray, seated just behind him on the frontbench (to the right of the screen), is seen scratching his head, pulling something from his scalp, inspecting his find and then nibbling on it.

It seems the House of Representatives can work up an appetite for more than just debate or he was one of the unlucky buggers who also missed out on an In-N-Out burger.

Like leadership coups, suspicious snacking has been a treasured past time of the modern day ALP. Back in 2007, video emerged of Kevin Rudd eating his own earwax during Question Time years earlier - but at least he did that from the privacy of the backbench.

Segments of this story (and video) originally appeared over on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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