A screenshot of a 4chan post has sold for over $90,000

Although 4chan is predominantly known (erroneously, these days) as the home of child pornography, gore, and memes, it's mostly home to frustrated people who, every now and then, create something amazing. Whether it's the post-your-soundclouds threads on the music board /mu/ or the artwork/critique on /ic/, there are some pretty clever folks who frequent that particular shithole. Some particularly ingenious user has spawned commentary on the definition of art by taking a screenshot of a post and auctioning it. And sold it for $90,900.

The post in totality reads as the following:

>>33181015 [Referring to an earlier post - Ed.]
Art used to be something to cherish.

Now literally anything could be art.

This post is art.

The post has been printed out and framed.

Before you rush into the comments section all "This isn't art!" just sit back for a minute. Art, indeed, can be anything, and some feel that this demeans the entire concept of art. It doesn't -- in fact, it's the opposite. That anything can be art is exactly what's so potent about art. Art, perhaps like life, is what you make it. This post is also art. The following screenshot is also art:

(That screenshot is published under the Creative Commons license CC-BY; feel free to remix and sell it if you want to.) 

You can see the listing for the now-sold 4chan screenshot at eBay. Someone else is attempting to sell the same screenshot and the bidding has begun at $500, if you're looking for another chance to own this priceless specimen.

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