Gracie Otto creates Michael White documentary

Award winning director, actress, and famously fashionable Sydney-sider Gracie Otto has just launched a crowd funding campaign for her Michael White documentary Chalky

Otto has been working on the movie, alongside producer Nicole O’Donohue and editor Karen Johnson for the past two years, and in the process has managed to interview everyone from Naomi Watts and Barry Humphries to Lorne Michaels.

Michael White is the film and theatre producer behind The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, A Chorus Line and My Dinner With Andre.

His social life is even more risque than his cinematic and West End legacy, and it is this, in addition to White’s work, that Otto is hoping to capture in this film.

So far, Gracie Otto has paid for the documentary entirely out of pocket. The crowd-funding campaign was launched in order to purchase archival footage and music.

Based on the trailer, we really, really hope it gets made.

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