Quick Look: 18 new movie trailers for May

You have to feel just a little sorry for movies that don’t contain a whole lot of big explosions. How are they expected to make any kind of impact in today’s trailer market? We’ve all figured out how rapid cuts and scares after the title and that Inception noise work when it comes to manipulating us: without that stuff a trailer is forced to fall back on representing the actual movie. And where’s the fun in that?


Guardians of the Galaxy

“I come from Earth – a planet of outlaws”. Well, apart from all the laws we have, I guess that’s accurate enough. This second trailer makes it look a lot more like what it no doubt really is: a fairly traditional SF actioner with slightly more wise-cracking from the good guys. 

Though they’d better cough up with both ‘Spirit in the Sky’ and ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ in the finished film: we all remember that period where every superhero trailer featured ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’ without it once appearing in a finished film. Well, maybe Daredevil, but that hardly counts. 


When a creepy billionaire (Steve Carell, rocking a fake nose and Truman Capote-esque vocal stylings) becomes obsessed with a pair of wrestler brothers (Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo), it pretty much has to end in murder otherwise there’s no story. Oh look, the billionaire’s brought a gun to training. 

Guess that’s why this (true) story is now a film – which to be fair, does look pretty interesting. 


Kingsman: The Secret Service

Comic book shonk writer Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick-Ass 1 & 2) is back with his latest high concept pitch: what if James Bond had a chav nephew? And what if Bond Uncle Jack (Colin Firth) recruited this teenage street hooligan (Taron Egerton) for his super secret spy team known as the Kingsmen? 

Well, presumably you'd get a lot of scenes early on where snooty kids get their arses handed to them because yay street smarts, then the second half would turn into a Bond movie complete with crazed supervillain (that'd be Samuel L Jackson) and an evil scheme based on collecting celebrities. 

Millar's comic books tend to be little more than illustrated movie pitches; hopefully director Matthew Vaughn can fill in the gaps.


Aaron Paul’s cred may have suffered a blow with Need For Speed turning out to be more like Need For A Script, but hey – this time he’s involved with dirt bikes! And as a dad trying to reconnect with his son, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to do what he does best: cry. 


Words and Pictures

Clive Owen is an english teacher who loves words. Juliette Binoche is an art teacher who says things like “don’t trust words, words are lies”. They’re a match made in rom-com heaven! 

Hopefully director Fred Schepisi has a few tricks up his sleeve with this one, because while the actors might be charming and the script might be funny it’s still not all that far away from a movie where a man named Dogg and a woman named Catt fall in love. 

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    Is Nicholas Cage reborn? His other film Joe should be getting an Aussie release soon, best I've seen him since Leaving Las Vegas and everything the useless Mud shouldve been, great flick.
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