Winehouse inquest to be reheard due to ‘fake’ Australian coroner

The inquest into the tragic death of soul singer Amy Winehouse will re-open on January 8, and an Australian lawyer is at the centre of the Back to Black singer’s posthumous drama.

Suzanne Greenaway – the Tasmanian-born lawyer who declared Winehouse’s bereavement “death by misadventure” last year – oversaw the hearing, and it has just emerged that she was not qualified to do so.

Appointed as an assistant deputy coroner by her husband, London Coroner Andrew Reid, Greenaway judged Winehouse’s passing as “an accidental death in which no law was broken or criminal negligence involved” (though she died of alcohol poisoning, no illicit substances were found in her body) even though to serve in Greenaway’s legal position, she would’ve have to have had five years worth of experience in the British Law Society.

Attaining the role in 2009 after serving as a solicitor and barrister on home shores, Greenaway failed to meet the legal rudiments to record such verdicts, and, hired by her husband, “investigators found he had not "thoroughly" checked his wife had the requisite qualifications for the position.”

The SMH reported this morning that “according to British law, Greenaway, who also worked as a nurse in Australia, would have needed either five years with the Law Society or five years of experience as a qualified medical practitioner. She met neither set criteria.” Thus, British authorities insisted on reopening the probe of the singer’s death and both Greenaway and her husband have had to resign from their positions—though the results of the initial inquest are not expected to change.

After gaining critical acclaim through her guttural vocals, succession of age-transcendent hits and Grammy award wins, the Rehab vocalist joined The 27 Club on July 23 2011 at her north London home after a longstanding battle with substance abuse and notoriously embroiled relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil.

Winehouse’s family are reportedly “disgusted” by the decision to reopen the case.


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