Watch: New David Bowie single, 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)'

I despise using the word "dropped" as musical lingo, but for once it seems apt.

Weeks after David Bowie's first new music in nearly a decade arrived in the form of the somnambulist 'Where Are We Now?', the reclusive pop icon has debuted another new tune on YouTube, just like that.

Featuring actress Tilda Swinton and Bowie himself, the mini-movie riffs on a celebrity couple, haunted by their younger dopplegangers. But more importantly, the song sounds completely vital, a world apart from the mournful plod of 'Where Are We Now?'. Perhaps that's no surprise, as Tony Visconti, producer of The Next Day—Bowie's first album in nearly a decade—told BBC6 that the album was "quite a rock album".

It's maybe the only track on the album that goes this much inward for him. It's quite a rock album, the rest of the songs. I thought to myself: 'Why is David coming out with this very slow, albeit beautiful, ballad? Why is he doing this? He should be coming out with a bang.' But he is a master of his own life. I think this was a very wise move, to link up the past with the future, and I think the next thing you hear from him is going to be quite different.

Watch 'The Stars' (Are Out Tonight)' below.

The Next Day is out March 12. That's the album cover below.


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