Watch: Kendrick Lamar guests with the Lonely Island

Kendrick Lamar has made further strides into the public consciousness this week, with a guest spot on the new jam from Andy Samberg's comedy trio the Lonely Island.

'YOLO' features the Compton rapper guest alongside Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, on a tune about the perils of living TOO close to the edge. Lamar appears towards song's end, offering some sound fiscal advice.

The guest spot follows his appearance last week as host and musical guest on American TV institution Saturday Night Live -- a sure indication that the 25-year old has arrived. When we caught up with Lamar while he was in the country last year, we asked him if he always knew he was going to escape the troubles of his his hometown.

Did I always know? I always knew I was someone a little bit different than my partners. It seemed like I was the only one that was conscious of what we were doing and I think I dreamed of something just a little bit different. Whereas they felt like they would always see this and be part of it. And I guess there was always part of me that believed that to a certain extent, but I always knew there was something bigger than just Compton. You know, I’d heard of Australia, I knew it was there. But to my friends they were like, “there ain’t no fucking Australia, this is it”. But I always knew there was something else out there for me.

Read our full interview with Kendrick Lamar on TheVine and watch 'YOLO' below:

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