Watch: Justin Timberlake ‘Suit & Tie’

Newlywed Tom Ford ambassador, purveyor of all things self-proclaimed sexy and once-purple tinted glasses wearing *NSync-er (yes, that was an almost-metaphor) Justin Timberlake has this morning dropped a new clip for his meteoric Suit & Tie single.

The much hyped chart-topping track (JT had to be “ready”, if you cast your mind back to the pre-Suit & Tie world, three weeks ago) has garnered an unprecedented amount of attention so far, selling over 300,000 copies in its first week, smashing his 2006 market injection and thus managing to single-handedly bring sexy back. (I’ll stop now).

The purported perfectionist left no room for anything less than the best in the David Fincher-directed video – he’s the dude who was partly responsible for the $40 million Social Network success, just FYI – nodding to an array of genres in the glamorous old Hollywood succession. Moonwalks, Jay-Z, Beyonce-esque black and whites, and topless ladies gyrating in water complete with synchronized dance routines make for impressive watching. 

Watch the clip below and revel in the advent of suits, ties and models humping inanimate objects. Juzzy, how we've missed you! 

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