Top Ten R&B Revenge Songs

Top Ten R&B Revenge Songs

Jodi Arias, a softly-spoken woman from Arizona, made headlines around the world last week. Allegedly, she stabbed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander 27 times, slit his throat from ear to ear and shot him in the head during a jealous rage after learning of his plans to holiday in Mexico with another woman.

Their emotionally fraught communion was complex to say the least, and now, the domestic that killed Alexander could also cost Arias her life – the court has not ruled out the possibility of putting Arias on death row, despite her self-defense pleas.

Of course, Jodi Arias is not the first (or the last) woman (or man) to fly into a (purported) anger blackout whilst dealing with an ostensible Scrub. In fact, you don’t have to look further than Taylor Swift to realise that some musicians have not only skyrocketed to Billboard supremacy thanks to a callous succession of pain and rejection, but have built entire careers on lovelorn lyrics. 

In the name of imminent Valentine's Day, let’s celebrate the angriest, most rampant R'n'B revenge tracks to hit the airwaves together. Even if you find yourself in a happy, sane, non-toxic relationship (lucky you) the ire from long-gone rejection undoubtedly still lurks somewhere inside you. Be proud that you executed Gen Y warfare (Facebook deletions, calling late at night from a blocked number and throwing out someone’s Instagram ratio with a fleeting ‘Unfollow’) on that a-hole who periodically ruined your life, instead of carrying out actual acts of violence on past paramours. Sure, break-ups are hard, but so is serving jail time.

We hope you enjoy these 10 revenge songs, but on a metaphorical level only. By no means do we endorse stealing, fraud, aggravated burglary, malicious destruction of property, cheating or grand theft auto in the name of vengeance - no matter how hurt your heart is.

10. Jumpin’ Jumpin’ – Destiny’s Child

More of a pre-emptive strike than full-blown revenge, the 1999 single was about barring your partner and hitting the clubs because, well, they did it first. The ever-empowering DC didn’t by any stretch of the imagination condone physical aggression, but they did encourages ladies and fellas alike to put their own needs and the potential for fun ahead of an obviously failing relationship. Think of this as the sequel to the hyper-paranoid Say My Name and a more resolute Independent Women.

9. Don’t Think I’m Not – Kandi

In a similar vein, Kandi’s early naughties debut track Don’t Think I’m Not (not actually sure if she’s done anything since? Maybe a Kameo on the Kardashians?) didn’t discuss the process of unadulterated vengeance, but rather the potential for adultery on both sides. She sings, “when you’re out in the club, don’t think I’m not/ Even when you’re out making love, don’t think I’m not/ When you’re feeling good in somebody’s spot getting hot, don’t stop/ Just don’t think I’m not.” The message, of course, is deeply flawed, but this is retribution we’re talking about here, not reconciliation.

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