The Taste of Music: Spod

Each week for the next few weeks, we're asking a different music personality to craft us a playlist based around the theme of "pop" or "rock". A theme so good you could taste it. And that taste might taste something a lot like a Drumstick ice-cream. I mean, I just pulled that out of thin air, but just to give you one example. (See Muscles' playlist for TheVine here.)

Today's candidate is Spod, the Sydney-based, fantasy-pop chameleon. Spod is many things to many people: a one-man party bomb; a video director extraordinaire; a steely rock viking; the galaxy's greatest wedding DJ; inventor of Fantasyze! and a sponge-hearted pop visionary. His new single 'Couple of Drinks' (which comes with it's own 'Spod Brew' stubby holder!) is out now - show details (and tune) below.

Being such a library of awesome, we asked Spod to craft us the perfect Rock playlist. Here's his take:


1. Black Moth Super Rainbow - 'I Think It's Beautiful You Are 256 Colours Too'

"Throwback future music, BMSR have made some of the greatest music of a future that never came."

2. Beck - 'Beercan'

"Cool song, cool clip, and cool Beck.  It really captures that summertime freedom this Mellow Gold era of Beck represents, and how he was a shining light amongst a grunge hellzone."

3. Toto - 'Rosanna'

"This clip has smug guys in a street tough environment.  Melodic genius and theatre street justice with synths.  The innocence of making a clip & song like this is dead forever."

4. Neil Young - 'Harvest Moon'

This song makes me wanna cry every time I hear it.  A song by a guy deep in his career being old & in love. What a cool ol' sweet heart.

5. Ween - 'Freedom of '76'

"Spike Jonze directing Ween.  That's a dream team if ever I've seen.  A mad bro on the directing making a great classy video with the worlds greatest
band.  Forget about it!"

6. Death Grips - 'Guillotine'

"Whoops, I don't have one current song in this whole list!  Well when I first saw this clip, it was the first time i'd been so enthralled by fear
watching a video.  So intense, so simple."

7. Barry Ryan - 'Eloise'

"This is a fantastically bombastic pop song, with a beautifully weird clip. Kalidescopes, candles, capes, a huge creepy breakdown, white horses and a beach.  Sign me up."

8. Australian Crawl - 'Errol'

"I loved Australian Crawl as a kid, they were one of my first big loves in the music world.  Aussie blokes havin' a go.  Hey, lets hang out together
with no shirts, get wet, hang out in Grundys & get drunk and have a top time.  Ok, clip done.  Too easy."

9. XL Capris - 'My City Of Sydney'

"My friend Jess only put me onto this recently and I fell in love with it, and this is the first time i've seen this clip.  Awesome!  So Aussie, so good."

10. Gerling - 'Ghost Patrol'

"I love this 'Spielberg' era of Gerling, so weird and wonderful."

11. Com Truise - 'Fairlight'

"Another modern retro futuristic jam, this also makes me sad of the reality of the future, because it could have been so cool if it was actually like


With launches in Sydney and Brisbane in the can, SPOD is launching his new single 'Couple Of Drinks' single in Melbourne at The Gasometer (upstairs) December 6 with High Tension (members of Nation Blue, Young & The Restless).

You can also get yourself a free copy of the Couple Of Drinks EP which is only available when you buy a SPOD BREW stubby holder. The Couple Of Drinks EP has the current single and also two extra track 'Not Looking For a Blue' & 'Dead Shits'. 

Listen to 'Couple of Drinks' below:

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