The Taste of Music: Muscles

Each week for the next few weeks, we're asking a different music personality to craft us a playlist based around the theme of "pop" or "rock". A theme so good you could taste it. And that taste might taste something a lot like a Drumstick ice-cream. I mean, I just pulled that out of thin air, but just to give you one example. And our first cab off the rank is actually the perfect candidate for the task.

Rising to prominence off the back of the earworm of 2007-08, 'Ice Cream', Chris Copulos—aka Muscles—is a "part-time punk, anti-famewhore, transhumanist hippie and recently said to have sold all his possessions and living in the Australian wilderness". And as his recorded output would suggest—2007s Guns Babes Lemonade and 2012s Manhood—we also know he loves pop. Turns out he also loves the hell out of teen pop. Perfect.

So in the man's own words, it's over to Muscles:


1. Connor Maynard - Can't Say No

"The minimal sub-bassline and persuasive hip-hop beat draws you in on this track. Post-Bieber-isms aside, he's from the United Kingdom and way less annoying than our Aussie-expat Cody Simpson."

2. Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

"Tay-Tay cuts sick on her current ex-boyfriend. Or boyfriends. I don't read enough blogs. Do a Google search and see she has had many men, yet still retains her 'fearless' virginal angelic country aesthetic."

3. M.I.A. - Bad Girls

"Our favourite UK born leader of self-proclaimed, 'Third World Democracy' popped into the pop charts this year appearing on Madonna's 'Give Me All Your Luvin', outsexing both Madge and Minaj at the Superbowl flipping the bird to the world, in her cheerleading dub-breakdown. The side-ways BMWs in the desert music video came early this year directed by Romain Gavras and coming to the end of 2012 now still waiting for her fourth album to drop, busy with a hub and a bub I'm happy to wait."

4. Christina Aguilera - Your Body

"Post-baby, Pre-'The Voice' and somewhere between her movie Burlesque with Cher, Christina's brilliant 2010 album Bionic failed to gather the attention it deserved. Two years later Xtina is back up there in all her diva-ness, flaunting sexy new curves and voice so powerful, placing her whiny auto-tuned robot contemporaries to shame."

5. Ciara - Got Me Good

"Late comer in the year, and on the theme of bubs, frenemy Beyoncé’s got one and off the radar. So "yay!" Ciara's turn to shine in the spotlight with this new single. The consistency of unique production and choreography combined, whenever she brings something new you know it’s an event to participate."

6. Carly Rae Jepson - Tiny Little Bows

"Track one from her album Kiss. While holding one of the biggest singles from the year, this song was probably the most played track in my car until the CD melted in a Melbourne heatwave two days ago. With the charts dependency on bad bitches, swearing and smuttiness of both sexes, former Canadian Idol dropout delivers a breath of fresh air of teenage innocence, and (The Hunger Games popularise anyone?) bows and arrows, cupids in this addictive pop-disco number. Also be sure to check out an acoustic version on YouTube from 2010."

7. Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire

"Females are dominating the charts and when Alicia Keys debuted/performed this track at the MTV VMA's with Nicki Minaj it was like unleashing the devil. A beautiful, beautiful devil."

8. Ke$ha - Die Young

"Proving she's not a one-album wonder, the new single from Ke$ha does not surprise. To be honest It's more of the same, but It's the theme of the lyrics have people comparing it to One Direction's 'Live While We're Young'. Death seems to be the theme of 2012 and to be singing about the end of the world is not really a new idea, I guess It's interesting that she co-wrote Britney's second single from her album, 'Femme Fatale' last year, 'Till The World Ends'."

9. Chris Brown - 'Bassline'

"'Bassline' is so sexy, teetering on industrial futuristic dub-hop, right out-there mechanical and repetitively alluring. Musically Brown delivers consistent bangers, can do backflips, handstands, fly through the air like Superman and do that lean side-backwards I've always wanted to know how to do. Stick to his music, ignore the hate. He's about to become a father, apparently, carrying Rihanna's baby."

11. Rihanna - 'Cockiness (Love It) Remix [feat. A$AP Rocky]'

"When Talk That Talk was unleashed late 2011 critics called it a rush-job, a production line of sorts where deadlines need to be met and creativity compromised. This remix released in late 2012 with A$AP Rocky doesn't really add too much more to what was already there, but re-invigorated attention to the song when opening the MTV VMAs this year. 'I want you to be my sex slave,' probably the most provocative lyric is sure to please feminists and gimps."

12. Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

" read on Instagram once that, 'Boys have swag and Gentleman have class'. When the new Bieber single dropped in March this year it became transparent that Bieber has both. The slow claps, simple guitar lick and breathy vocal whisper-rap ("cue falsetto in 3,2,1, swag, swag")', a matured yet still magnetising Justin was a nice surprise; dissing comparisons to Justin Timberlake accurate. In future he may/will have the opportunity to bang as many Hollywood actresses as possible, but now he's killing it while leading the flag of the YouTube generation."

Chris Copulos is a Melbourne based Songwriter/Producer widely known as Muscles. Part-time punk, anti-famewhore, transhumanist hippie, recently said to have sold all his possessions and living in the Australian wilderness. His new album Manhood is out now.

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