The Strokes release a new song

UPDATE: Translating the new Strokes album Comedown Machine.

In what marks the first release for The Strokes since Angles was dropped in 2011, The Strokes have uploaded a new song from their forthcoming album. Entitled “One Way Trigger”, the song features a formidable falsetto from Julian Casablancas played against a very bright backing—old fans will be pleased to know that the shimmering guitar strumming and punchy beat that have become so characteristic of the band’s sound have also returned to lend their services to the song.

Despite evoking old hallmarks of the band’s style, and using a title that very much recalls rough imagery of their old lyrics, this new track does feel very shiny: a bit of a departure from wide eyed, scruffy haired growling of Casablancas and Co. in “Last Nite”, of 2001 (*sigh*).

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