The Coopers AMP announces second round of invites

As of today, Collarbones, Max Crumbs, Knievel, Saskwatch (pictured), We All Want To and Winter People make up some of the more intriguing additions to this year's Coopers Australian Music Prize. Of things. The bands below haven't been selected exactly, but "invited to be officially selected".

Readers will remember that this year organisers have removed barriers to smaller independent artists, such as entry fees and allowing artists to submit their work digitally. Part of the shake up this year also includes the judges ability to automatically consider ALL Australian releases for the prize. Thus, the acts listed here have been deemed as having "shortlist potential" and so are hereby being "invited to enter" the competition. 

UPDATE: We originally reported that the new entry process—while fundamentally an improvement on the previous process—scans as confusing. Since first publishing this story, organisers would like to remind us of the exact process. Here it is below:

1. Ingestion Period.

The Coopers Amp endeavours to have EVERY ALBUM released in the last year considered by judges. To do this, all albums are ingested into the digital system (D-Star). These albums are sometimes not supplied by management, labels or bands, but by fans, industry and sometimes retailers. Judges can access this digital system and listen to all the albums as they please. So far 271 albums have been identified, with more expected as more Australian albums are released over the next few weeks. Some of these 271 are still yet to be ingested.

2. Invitations to be official entrants.

Judges identify which of the ingested albums should receive further consideration for The Coopers Amp, and therefore be invited to be an Official Entrant. So far 47 have been identified by the judges. However, as not all albums have been submitted by label or band, The Coopers Amp needs to invite all these artists to be an Official Entrant. The band is contacted (via the label or management) and an entry form is filled out if they wish to accept the invitation to be an Official Entrant.

3. Shortlist Consideration.

All those artists that have accepted the invitation to be an Official Entrant then have their album considered by Judges for the shortlist. The shortlist is a group of nine and will be announced early next year.

4. The Coopers AMP Winner.

Out of this group of nine, one becomes the winner of the $30,000 prize money (provided by Principal Partner PPCA). This decision is made by the Judges after lengthy conversations and debate.

In any case, fans and bands alike can visit the AMP's Facebook page to find a list of 2012 releases and email organisers if you believe something to be missing:

With the first round of acts including the likes of Grand Salvo, Catcall, House vs Hurricane and Charge Group, the tally brings this year's list to 47. A third and final batch of records will be announced in the coming weeks.

Second round of invites:

Angus Stone - Broken Brights
Archie Roach - Into The Bloodstream
Ball Park Music - Museum
Catherine Britt - Always Never Enough
Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes - Baby Caught The Bus
Clare Bowditch - The Winter I Chose Happiness
Collarbones - Die Young
Daily Meds - Happy Daze
Julia Stone - By The Horns
Knievel - Emerald City
Max Crumbs - Maidenhair
Oh Mercy - Deep Heat
Saskwatch - Leave It All Behind
Steve Lane And The Autocrats - The Romance Of Communication
The Presets - Pacifica
The Rubens - The Rubens
Tim Rogers - Rogers Sings Rogerstein
TZU - Millions of Moments
Urthboy - Smokey's Haunt
We All Want To - Come Up Invisible
Winter People - A Year At Sea

The winner will be announced in March.

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