The 36 Weirdest Musical Instruments

The 36 Weirdest Musical Instruments

Not quite sure how you’d carry Boobam drums or a Bubble Organ on the bus to band camp, but I guess passionate musicians will always manage to find a way. Of the string, woodwind and WTF variety, these special sound making devices put all those half-hour practice sessions I fulfilled with my Clarinet to shame. Maybe I wouldn’t have quit if a Celestial Harp was on offer when I signed up for the school’s music program.

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    Friday 11 Jan 2013 - 12:21 PM
    You left out That One Guy's magic pipe. A homemade instrument with one large double bass string (i think tuned to C) and smaller string on the other end (I think tuned to G), as well as various triggers. The guy is amazing to watch live with this instrument.
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