Tame Impala debut on US TV - Watch

Definition of a bummer: your band making its US television debut as you're en route to the taping.

That's apparently the case with Tame Impala bassist Nick Allbrook (above, second from left) who was unable to perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with the band, for their (as the Americans like to say) "network television debut". Apparently there was a delay in both the delivery of his VISA and his movement through customs—he arrived on the set of Fallon half an hour late. Man.

No matter: in his place stepped up Matt Handley—the band's guitar tech (and whom at one point in time had his own fairly successful Australian rock band, Pollyanna). Therefore, no slouch. Though not having the sandy surfer hair does throw off the band's vibe somewhat.


Pollyanna - 'Brittle then Broken' (1998)
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    Monday 15 Aug 2011 - 12:19 PM
    Nice one. 'Brittle Then Broken' is ace. Handley also had a fairly good solo album in 'Won't Get Over You' a few years back. Seeing him again makes me want to hear it again.
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