Suede announce first album in 11 years, release new song ‘Barriers’ as free download

Brett Anderson is a bona fide odd job. So, while the rest of us saw in the New Year with champagne and twerking and hangovers and grits, the Suede frontman was busy posting cryptic messages to the band’s message board.

In an entry titled ‘Early Next Week’, Anderson unleashed a ream of cryptic lyricism, which read:

Aniseed kisses and lipstick traces, lemonade sipped in Belgian rooms couldn't replace the graceful notions that clung to me when i clung to you, And they touch you like no one touched you, and when you broke they were there with glue, and their kindness was not a weakness and when they were there they were there for you, But will they love you, the way, the way i loved you ? we jumped over the barriers.”

Suddenly the blogosphere was abuzz. Were Suede finally ready to unleash their long-promised new material? So it proved overnight, as the band announced a new album, Bloodsports, to be released in March, as well as a lead single, ‘It Starts & Ends With You’.

And to shoot down the doubters – of which there will be many – Suede have made a new song, ‘Barriers’, available for free download. One listen and not only will Anderson’s New Years post be given some context, but you’ll realise the band actually have something left in the tank.

Anderson explained to The Quietus last year that the new album would sound like a cross between Dog Man Star and Coming Up, and ‘Barriers’ does indeed pack the former’s penchant for right-angled progressions and the latter’s power-pop sensibilities. In short, it’s very promising, and drips with the confidence the band exuded at their vertiginous peak.

Speaking about the new material, Anderson told NME overnight: "After a year of sweating and bleeding over the record it's finally finished, so we wanted to get some music out there as soon as we could. 'Barriers' isn't the first single but we are proud enough of it to just chuck it out there and thought that its pulsing, romantic swell somehow summed up the feel of the album quite nicely. The album is called Bloodsports. It's about lust, it's about the chase, it's about the endless carnal game of love. It was possibly the hardest we ever made but certainly is the most satisfying. Its ten furious songs have reclaimed for me what Suede was always about: drama, melody and noise."

Suede have also announced a one-off date at London's Alexandra Palace for March 30. More tour dates will no doubt follow the release of the album.

Download ‘Barriers’ here.




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    Wednesday 09 Jan 2013 - 8:17 PM
    Faaaark - I listen to the album Dog Man Star probably once a week and cannot wait to see what has become of these guys ...
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