Nick Cave, Warren Ellis and buttonless shirts star in new Bad Seeds trailer

Nick Cave has announced details of his new album.

Produced by long-time associate Nick Launay, Push The Sky Away is the fifteenth record for Cave and the Bad Seeds who will release the new effort on February 15th. According to the press release the collection of songs "convey how on the internet profoundly significant events, momentary fads and mystically-tinged absurdities sit side-by-side and question how we might recognise and assign weight to what’s genuinely important."

The album is the first Bad Seeds record to not feature Mick Harvey, who left the band in 2009 after a 36-year career as Cave's sideman. "I enter the studio with a handful of ideas, unformed and pupal" says Cave. "it's the Bad Seeds (Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, Thomas Wydler, Jim Sclavunos and Conway Savage) that transform them into things of wonder. Ask anyone who has seen them at work. They are unlike any other band on earth for pure, instinctive inventiveness."

The generous trailer for the record shows the interplay between Cave and his band - especially Warren Ellis, who appears to have taken on the good cop/bad cop relationship with Cave once occupied by the departed Harvey. Also noteworthy is Cave actually grinning while wearing a t-shirt.

Track one from Push The Sky Away, 'We No Who U R' will be available from 3rd December. The track comes as a download with every pre-order album purchase via or iTunes.

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