New Oz Music: Seja, The Basics, Going Swimming, AIH

New music from Australians.


Seja - 'When You Said You Were Mine'

Golly, that SPOD sure does a bang up job on the ol' music video, doesn't he? Coming at you via Rice Is Nice, 'When You Said You Were Mine' comes from Seja's second album, All Our Wires, which came out late last month. In an interview with Mess+Noise last month, Seja elaborated on the contribution of one Wally 'Gotye' De Backer: "The Wally arrangement came into it very last-minute when I gave him my album while I was visiting his studio at the beginning of the year. He had all these great arrangement ideas when he heard the song, and I was really curious how they would all sound. I feel like he added a lot more highs and lows, and shaped it into a much more dynamic and balanced song."

[I would also like to point out that "Love and hate are the same / They both cause a flame" is an excellent lyric. - Ed]


Back Back Forward Punch - 'Don't Stop Now'

Disco-descendent synth pop, NOT video game music as their name might imply. Coming to Melbourne via Newcastle, Back Back Forward Punch are a pretty slick duo. 'Don't Stop Now' picks up where 'Zero To Disco' left off in February; shiny synth stabs and laser bursts underscore Laura Boland's cheerful vocal encouragement. While they continue to climb triple j's dance charts, you can see them at The Workers Club in Fitzroy on August 1.


Going Swimming - 'Sluts Who Stole Our Palm Tree'

A few weeks ago at The Tote I was talking to some of the Going Swimming lads about one of the times I'd seen them play. It was at this burlesque bar across the river down Shelbyville way, a place called Red Bennies. It was the third act of a date which had only gotten more disastrous from the start, culminating in her getting beyond drunk and leaving without a word during Going Swimming's set. "She didn't steal a palm tree on the way out, did she?" they asked. Aww, I dunno, I didn't realise she'd left until she'd been 'in the bathroom' for half an hour, I told them. I don't think it was her, but it was certainly the same night, now immortalised on record. Surfy garage-rock, over and done with in a little over 90 seconds. If you dig it they'll be in Newcastle, Sydney, and Canberra starting from tonight, and then back in Melbourne on the 19th. Just one thing, boys: don't call women 'sluts'. Come on.


The Basics - 'So Hard For You'

Cock rock from the title down, Wally's gone and got the band back together. A borrowed riff away from a Jet song, a solo away from Wolfmother. I mean, 'With This Ship' sounds like a Powderfinger a-side so what's new? The Basics are what their name implies and that's fine. And hell, I'll belt 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' or 'Joker And The Thief' when it comes to karaoke, sure. But before you go and lay the golden fleece at the feet of 'So Hard For You', just think about all the lambs you slaughtered to get here.


Architecture In Helsinki - 'In The Future'

Classic AIH, an anthem for an intergalactic romance, the interstellar future waiting for me and you and US! "Flew the coop / Bought a ticket straight to the moon." No lunar event'll eclipse our love, baby! Look into my eyes behind the panes of Google Glass, I wanna data mine you until my polymers rot and my batteries turn to dust. Take my hand and show me a brave new world beyond Venus and Mars. "It doesn't feel like gravity is wanted." Float away with me, boy, this love is Sirius.

Architecture In Helsinki are playing the Karova Lounge in Ballarat on July 19, and The Toff in Melbourne on July 24. And, of course, Splendour In The Grass - the preferred environment for uplifting synth-pop.


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