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Music Dump - The Beatles' Softcore Coldplay Muppets Occupy Drake's Cyrus

A recurring weekly feature where we highlight the best and most interesting music articles from across the web.


"Mahna Mahna": How A Ditty From A Soft-Core Italian Movie Became The Muppets' Catchiest Tune by Sam Adams (Slate): Doo doo, do-do-do! Strangely, that most famous Muppets tune is actually originally from an Italian movie called Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso, a softcore film pretending to be a documentary about lesbianism in the saunas of Sweden. See the (actually reasonably SFW) original sauna scene where the world heard "Mahna Mahna" for the first time! And discover how a song from an Italian softcore got into an American kids TV show!


Love In A Cold Climate by Nancy Jo Sales (Vanity Fair): Courtney Love has, for a long time, been a trainwreck. Now, judging by Sales' profile, she is a trainwreck obsessed with fraud, and the loss of contact with her daughter; and yet all the while wearing designer clothes and hanging out with the British aristocracy. One of whom asks her, publicly, "Are you the maddest woman in the world?"


George's God: The Faith Of The Quiet Beatle by Andrew Ferguson (The Weekly Standard): It's the week of the 10th anniversary of George Harrison's passing, and tributes and essays about him are popping up in the weirdest places. Including this excellent piece in the Weekly Standard, usually a chest-thumping right-wing American magazine. Ferguson here looks at the duality of George Harrison -- he was simultaneously a modest man who aspired to the simple life, who downplayed his ability as a songwriter and on guitar. Also a man who was capable of telling Ringo Starr that he was sleeping with Mrs. Starr, and that was that.


It's Time To Stop Using Rock As A Catch-All Term For Popular Music by Steven Hyden (The AV Club): Lenny Kravitz may have proclaimed the death of rock and roll in 1995, but he was taking the piss -- rock in 1995 was in rude health. Now, however, in 2011, rock really is commercially dead -- the closest thing to rock and roll on the bestsellers list in the US is that hard-rockin' rock and roll band the...erm...Mumford and Sons. And we live in a world where the biggest rock band in the world, Coldplay, are collaborating with Rihanna, hoping that some of her commercial magic will rub off.

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