Mick Jagger: “One Direction remind me of The Rolling Stones”

It’s not the comparison we would’ve made, but Sir Mick Jagger himself has drawn an unlikely parallel between One Direction and The Rolling Stones’ early days.

While daughter and model in her own right Georgia May was conjuring some comparisons of her own on a promotional Sunglass Tour in Sydney last week – every media outlet insisted on likening the gap-toothed fashion darling to Brigitte Bardot – the band’s frontman, at Tuesday’s Crossfire Hurricane premiere  (a documentary that essays The Rolling Stones’ rise), told CNN that the mania surrounding Harry Styles and his crew remind him of his band’s formative times.  

“I watched a concert of One Direction on the TV the other night, you know just to check [it] out. It reminded me very much of our early concerts, when we were pushed around among the audience and we would kind of float. They were like, floating above the audience, and they looked like, really distinctly uncomfortable. I remember feeling that same uncomfortable feeling of being pushed around in this very weird place about 50 years ago. It was a very funny moment, because it was very similar to the things we’ve been through.”

Such fandom is timeless, I suppose, but unlike their 1D mates, the Rolling Stones never got a 3D documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock, or incited death threats of the Taylor Swift variety.

Jokes aside though, Ronnie Wood has extended an open invitation to the Beautiful singing sensation for a jam sess, “I remember them before they made it and I said, 'come on stick with it boys, you can do it. They still want me to come and jam with them I said, 'yeah, I’ll come and play with you anytime.” Quite frankly, we don’t know what to make of all this. It’s a little confusing, but nice to see the rock legends supporting emerging talent, I guess?

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