LiL Debbie's ‘Michelle Obama’ rap tribute isn't great

We’re confused.

Kreayshawn (the musician, not Jerry Springer regular) associate and “White Girl Mobber” (we’re not exactly sure what that means either) LiL Debbie released a timely rap homage to the newly re-named first lady in a new video clip aptly titled “Michelle Obama.”

Comporting absolutely no commonality with the ever-classy Mrs “Call Me Michelle” O, the song, a collaborative work with not-even-famous-for-his-caterwauling Riff Raff, is an incoherent tribute that means... we’re not quite sure.

The song’s foremost (and admittedly catchy) tagline, from what can be deciphered, repeatedly pronounces “Presidential tint / Michelle Obama / Frozen femurs in your freezer / Jeffrey Dahmer”, and otherwise holds some bizarre lyrical references to fame ("They said I never make it on my own too / hold on I got Ryan Seacrest on line two"), fortune ("I’m stargazing, condos and foreign places / Female Bernie Madoff") and other ‘f’ words ("I’m fashion forward / ford model").

The politically-inspired aural insult is, in short, a hot cryptic mess, and, of all the political analyses made about the US’ main lady of late, the track’s unmoving limbs analogy is notably bizarre.

Anyway, maybe we have just missed the point of a kind of cultural commentary on modern America, or maybe LiL Debbie and Riff Raff are just excited that Obama won the election. Either way, you can contemplate the car crash below:

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