Interscope delays release of M.I.A.’s new record because it’s “too positive”

Music magnate and pop’s political provocateur M.I.A. was nothing less than upfront when chatting with the Gold Coast’s entertainment section ahead of her performance at Summadayze festival last week.

The “trailblazing British-born, Sri-Lankan-raised Tamil graphic artist, painter, director, designer, singer and rapper, philanthropist, activist and mother M.I.A., aka 'Maya' Mathangi Arulpragasam” let slip that Interscope has pushed back the April release of her imminent Matangi record because it’s “too positive” and needs to be “darken[ed] up a bit.”

“I thought I'd finished it. I finished it and then I handed the record in, like, a couple of months ago. At the moment, I've been told it's too positive. So we're having a bit of an issue at the label... It's like 'We just built you up as the public enemy number 1, and now you're coming out with all this positive stuff.” True that her 2010 MAYA (/\/\ /\ Y /\) album did paint her as a rebel, personally citing “information politics” as the album’s main theme – and let’s not even start discussing the scuzzy, stylised and seriously graphic “Born Free” song and accompanying short film – but really, fans shouldn’t have to wait longer for more gems, especially in the name of image construction.

“My manager who I fired is now the head of Interscope so that's also an interesting thing for me — revisiting people in different hats”, she also revealed in the interview, after speaking honestly about her views on Australian offshore processing.

“I'd much rather take detention in Australia over detention in Sri Lanka because at least you're not going to be killed. Letting people into Australia isn't going to kill anybody.

“Those people are not going back to a nice life. They're going to get tortured and they're going to basically live like prisoners and it's ridiculous. You know, it's really difficult to work out the future of a minority group that is considered disposable. Can you just let them in? It's a big enough country.

“Australians themselves are immigrants.” The Paper Planes performer talks sense.

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    Tuesday 08 Jan 2013 - 12:03 PM
    I can't take her seriously. I can't take celebrities who give any issue 30 seconds of thought and then pass judgement and/or give advice on it. Particularly if that celebrity has most of his/her work done for them. Also this
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