Harlem reacts to the 'Harlem Shake'

It's the Melbourne Shuffle all over again.

This is like shooting fish in a barrel but kudos to Schlep films for seizing the moment. The online comedy channel interviewed residents of Harlem about the current dance-meme (which looks set to be Number One in Australia next week) and asked them to react to it. Cue indignant residents feelings of cultural violation and veiled threats.


"They dry-humping air."


"They look like they've smoked some dust."


"They disrespecting the Harlem swag."


"They're a bunch of idiots."


"I feel like this is a violation of what Harlem is."

Harlem is a dance?

"It's not a dance, it's a lifestyle."


"If you do that in Harlem, y'all would get hurt. I'm sorry."

Bit much.

"I think they're misinformed."

Watch the clip below:

More reading on the Harlem Shake here, via this week's Music Reader:

'Harlem Shake': The Making And Marketing Of Baauer's Viral Hit by Andrew Hampp (Billboard): I suspect you'll hear more from me on the Harlem Shake soon enough (it's this year's 'Gangnam Style') but Billboard know their stuff on the business side of the music business. Baauer doesn't even have a twitter account, and many more people have watched the tribute videos than have actually heard the whole song. But in the modern world of monetized YouTube content, Baauer's probably going to make millions.

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