Drake would like his YOLO money now, thanks

You may only live once, but royalties are forever. This is what hip hop star Drake, the man responsible for what is arguably 2011's stupidest acronym, YOLO is discovering.

Yesterday Drake Instagrammed YOLO merchandise from Walgreens and Macy's, urging the US retail giants to "chill or cut the cheque". 

Drake popularised the phrase, which became a perennial Twitter trending favourite, and rapidly spawned a thousand memes in his track "The Motto"

Of course, You Only Live Once has been around in one form or another for years, but it took the kind of genius you can only find in a former Degrassi star to abbreviate the term to its exclamatory status: YOLO!

If Drake is serious about collecting any cash from his erstwhile coinage, it'll be an uphill battle. Gawker has reported there are already over 100 YOLO trademark applications in the United States alone.

Chasing down all the iterations of YOLO is a full time job in itself, and certainly not one any sane 25 year old sitting on 25 mil should attempt in this lifetime.

We also have YOLO websites, YOLO eateries and of course, YOLO children's products.

Then there's the question of whether or not Drake even has proprietary claim over YOLO at all, given that, as Noisey points out, the phrase was first uttered not by Drake, but Rick Ross on the track "Lord Knows".

Perhaps the moral is that Drake should replace his impulsive motto with the more pragmatic YATI -  You Always Trademark Immediately. 

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