Destiny’s Child reborn after eight years

Beyonce Knowles (as if we need to clarify which Beyonce), Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have reunited for a forthcoming compilation album entitled Love Songs, which is set to drop January 29.

Beyonce (like it would’ve been anyone else) unveiled the album's monochromatic cover on her website, announcing “I am so proud to announce the first original Destiny's Child music in eight years!”

Us too, Bey. We have been waiting.

From the ladies who brought us Say My Name, Survivor and, my personal favourite, Bills (alright, there were a few other members in the mix for those tracks – but let’s not get into the group’s complex politics) a new track entitled Nuclear, produced by Pharrell Williams, will feature on the imminent greatest romantic hits album. Christmas came late this year.

If you recall, the last time we heard anything from our main R’n’B ladies together was in 2004 (Destiny Fulfilled) and since then I guess they’ve been doing other stuff like hanging with the Obamas (Beyonce), having children (Beyonce), posing for GQ (Beyonce) and tearing up Broadway (go Michelle).

The emergent news is slightly shocking for nineties nostalgists, as Vanity Fair quickly pointed out that “Kelly Rowland has previously indicated that a professional reunion might lead to the girl-group members’ ‘scratch[ing] each other’s eyes out’”. Fans do not forget details like that!

Dropping the album just one week ahead of Queen Bey’s Superbowl performance is also clever hype-generating move on the group’s behalf, causing news outlets and Bootylicious tragics everywhere to speculate whether K-dawg and Ms Williams will join their former leading lady on stage. We actually hope they don't, because the FOMO over missing a performance like that may be a bit too much to handle this early into the New Year.

Update: Here is their new single 'Nuclear' which the trio are set to perform at the SuperBowl. 

Image via beyoncecom.



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