Chris Brown and Rihanna release love song together

Chris Brown and Rihanna, who as YouTube commenter viacalvy points out, are rapidly becoming the Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown of our generation, have released a love song together confusingly titled “Nobody’s Business”. On the track, which sounds a little bit disco, a lot Michael Jackson and (to my ear) dull enough to placate a rabid dog,  Rihanna coos “Your love is perfection, please point me in the right direction,” before suggesting later, “let’s make out in this Lexus.”

Chris Brown then chimes in “I wanna make you mine, and it ain’t nobody’s business... Just mine and my baby’s”.

Releasing a song which you would ideally like people to pay money to own, may to the minds of some automatically make that song’s topic other people’s business, but then again, Rihanna’s new album isn’t titled “Unapologetic” for no reason.

Prior to the song hitting the net, Rihanna apparently tweeted a picture of her album (out November 19th) where the track was listed as “Nobodies Business”, a title which, while grammatically incorrect within the context of the song’s lyrics, could, if you want to get complicated, be interpreted as a jibe about the general public’s insatiable appetite for celebrity relationship gossip, implying her and Brown’s love is the business of “nobodies”.

This isn’t Rihanna’s first track with Brown since his violent assault on her, he sang with her on an extended remix of “Birthday Cake” while Rihanna chimed in on Brown track “Turn Up the Music”.  Rihanna has also come out publicly declaring her surprise that people would even be offended by her choice to work with Brown again.

On YouTube, the response so far has been largely positive, with most commenters enjoying the song’s similarities to Michael Jackson, though coreyzroman did note “Chris brown clearly has lost his voice he uses more autotune then kesha gworl....” Both Gawker and Huffington Post have also praised the song, though to my Rihanna loving ear, it lacks the impact of her most danceable tracks.


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