Black Keys drummer invests in hosiery

In what Vulture has described as a “random yet fitting hipster collaboration”, a few days ago, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys spoke of his recent financial forays in the hosiery business. The drummer has decided to inject some cash into sock brand Richer Poorer, a small sock company which goes by the motto: “In life no matter what you must always wear great socks": transcendental words to describe a fairly mundane yet necessary accessory.

Speaking of the decision, Carney told WWD: "I’d never invested in anything outside of stocks and real estate. Something as wholesome as socks sounded like a great idea to me." Perhaps Carney here is hinting towards a preference for ethical investing? Whatever the case, his gumption to speak so candidly of the move is admirable and kind of cute.

Carney met Richard Poorer founders Tim Morse and Iva Pawling through his father-in-law.

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