“Australian House Mafia” plays Sydney One Last time

“Australian House Mafia” plays Sydney One Last time

When the hordes descended on Allphones Arena on Saturday night – an approximately equal mixture of The Shire and Bondi Hipsters – it looked like your average festival. But this was no festival (despite being similarly priced). A few thousand leather-and-denim-clad partygoers were here for two hours of power – and they got it, don’t you worry child, they got it.

Of course, with Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso on stage all at once, it was like an epic house festival crammed into one compelling set.

Swedish House Mafia are in the midst of One Last Tour – which almost sits more comfortably as #onelasttour, if you’ve been on any form of social media this weekend – and their fans weren’t going to let them leave without a worthy goodbye.

It was a passionate and defiant crowd who cheered when fence-jumping troublemakers made work for the security, and booed when support act Goodwill finished his thumping set. “I thought people clapped when the DJ finished,” my friend mused. Not us! LOLZ.

Everyone was waiting impatiently for #SHM.  In the lead-up to their arrival on stage, Mexican waves were compulsory. The visual of 30,000 arms raised skyward – including everyone in the stands – is burnt onto my retinas as the night's definitive image.

If you didn’t have your eyes closed in ecstasy during the set you might have also caught an impressive pyrotechnics show and a trippy pastiche of exploding planets and geometric shapes on the gigantic screen, intermingled with the mantra, "We Come, We Rave, We Love."

The boys themselves, all slicked hair, leather jackets and fetching beards, were relaxed and cheerful before the show, and when they spoke during their set – dwarfed by the visual craziness surrounding them – it was to expound their love for Australia and the inspiration they’ve experienced here.

“One time we rented a house in Sydney for a week, and we worked on a track there,” Axwell told a screaming crowd towards the end of the show, “and that became ‘Don’t You Worry Child.’

“So we’d like to thank you for that. Tonight, it’s about you.

“Tonight, we’re Australian House Mafia.”

A pile of anthems followed, from the above Sydney-inspired tune among all the big favourites from the Mafia and their individual members, to a take on our own Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’. Though the set began with a focus on beats and minimal on lyrics, by the show’s end, punters had missing voices as well as shaken-up booties.

As the final message flashed at us in white on black, "You Came, You Raved, We Loved It", so it was.

On the VIP (Very Insane Party) bus home, as cascades of vodka poured into the mouths of those still buzzing around us, Absolut representative Julien Marteau said of the brand’s partnership with Swedish House Mafia, “we’re trying something new”.

Cheers to that – the night was a party, a mindblowing and memorable success, and a perfect end to a very super group.

Eliza was a guest of Absolut.

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