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10 Must-Watch Music Videos of 2012

Promo videos are the crack cocaine of music journalism. You watch one in the name of research – or at the insistence of another music writer – and soon you’re watching twenty more, one after the other, appalling Suncorp ads and all.

Here are ten of the best of 2012. Mostly NSFW. Mostly.

10. OK Go – ‘Needing/Getting’

You feel sorry for OK Go. They set a precedent and now have to do shit like this. Still, great video.

9. Hey Geronimo – ‘Dreamboat Jack’

Hey Geronimo (as well as one of the band’s progenitors, Blame Ringo) have made a habit out of producing striking videos on the cheap. If you like radio controlled cars…

8. The Presets – ‘Ghosts’

The Presets’ Pacifica was a come down record, no matter how much the publicity machine tried to convince us otherwise. Thankfully, the video for ‘Ghosts’ embraced the darkness.

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