The 10 Coolest InstaGrimes

The 10 Coolest InstaGrimes

On Tuesday night at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory, a venue known for its often arms-crossed-and-motionless crowd, Grimes got things moving.

The audience - an uncommon mixture of ebullient young people and music old-hands with a generous sprinkling of queer pride - were awkward about their desire to dance at first, but when one of Grimes’ dancers, Lafayette,  informed us all that if she was sweating, so should we, they rose to the occasion.

With her bubble machines, her rapturous thank you’s and her 16 year old opening act, sourced from an underprivileged youth music programme , there’s a definite sweetness to Grimes. But watching the way she dismissed hecklers (“Marry me!” “I want your pants to fall off!”) with a sly little smile, and explained her process instead of exiting for the encore, you get the sense that she knows just what she's doing and is not to be messed with.

Wearing a Romance Was Born muscle shirt, which she stripped off to reveal a tight, printed Romance t-shirt and wide legged Emma Mulholland pants, the teeny tiny trobairitz cut an impressive figure. Though she didn’t stray beyond her equipment, her Bollywood hand motions, vivacious dancing girls and glittery face stickers, in combination with an impressive light show, made for an amazing spectacle.

This was certainly apparent immediately post-show, when our Instagram feed went nuts. We’ve cut out the shameless selfies and blurry mid dance weirdness to bring you a crowd sourced gallery of Grimes’ final Australian show. 

Credits in the gallery.

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