Win a Sweet As Contiki trip for 3 to NZ

You might have noticed a little box at the top of this page filled with pictures of your friends. That’s our social reader, and it’s all about sharing.

In fact, we’re so up for sharing with friends, we want you and two mates to go on an all-expenses-paid Sweet As Contiki trip to New Zealand’s South Island together. 

You’ll be checking out Wellington, flying over Mt Cook, getting your extreme on in Queenstown and trekking a glacier. Did we mention you’ll be with your two best friends?

All you have to do to enter is click ‘install’ on our social reader (it's right above this article, between our nav bar and my author picture) then follow the link to the comp page and tell us about the craziest adventure you’ve ever had with friends.

Go on, get sharing – it’s the sweetest thing to do. 

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