Win $50,000 and a six month all-expenses-paid trip around the world

At TheVine we hate-read travel blogs. It’s not the most productive use of time, we know, and it’s probably not the most flattering thing to divulge either.

But admit it – you do it too. You sit in your cold, dark room and trawl (never troll though, you’re not a complete jerk) every perfectly curated travel editorial by every perfect-looking permanently-on-holiday blogger you’re aware of while reassuring yourself that you’re superior because you have a “real job”... right? Thought so.

Anyway, My Destination, the Internet’s world wide travel resource powered by local experts, is giving you an opportunity to become the next person hate-readers everywhere – literally, it’s a global competition – can envy.

Their Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List competition opened yesterday, and until March 31st you have the opportunity to win a six month, all inclusive, blogging trip around the world – where you are required to visit a minimum of 25 international destinations (an obligation if we ever heard of one!) and $50,000 (USD) in prize money when you come home. You know, just to soften the blow.

All you have to do to win is “create a video application in English [that is] up to three minutes in length telling [My Destination] about your favourite destination around the world – whether that’s the city you live, your best holiday or the place you’ve always dreamed of travelling to.”

Once you’ve made your video (because making it, obviously, is a definite thing that you will do) upload it to My Destination’s Facebook page and pray to every God/ Spirit/ Ancestor you can think of that you make the top ten cut. Then, harass every person you have ever met (and, subsequently, every person they have ever met) to vote for you – and voila, a six month extravaganza is yours. Apply The Secret and manifest destiny! Sorry...

Other details you may want to be aware of is that it is compulsory (again, shame) for the winner to blog (see: brag) about their adventures for My Destination on their SELF-MADE six month itinerary. Ever wanted to go from Iceland to India in just one trip? Well, now you can. 

Actually, why are you still reading this? And why am I still writing...? Head here for more info now. You can thank us later. 

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