That Emirates instagram competition is fake

A competition set up by an account called ‘EMIRATESPROMOTION’ on instagram is promising their ‘first 20,000 followers’ and their respective plus ones a trip to Dubai, courtesy of the airline, if they “share our page and tag & mention #EmiratesPromotion” on their feed is fake. 

The account has already amassed more than 10,000 followers, and, at time of publication, is following back 3,011 instagram users.

Under the hashtag “#emiratespromotion” there are close to 40,000 screenshots of the dreamworthy prize promise, but last week, when Emirates heard of the competition, they posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

"To all our fans, Emirates has three official social media channels which are:

When we launch competitions or new social media channels, you will be the first to know via our Facebook, G+ or YouTube channels and on

Thank you for your continued support

So, no, the airline is not flying 40,000 people to Dubai - their shout. 

It's OK, we feel for it too, hashtagging and @’ing the account - with ‘SEE YOU SOON DUBAI XXX’, no less -  just in case it was real. Better luck next time, we guess.  


An earlier version of this article was uncertain whether the competition was real or fake. Now, we know. Emirates also contacted us personally with the following statement: 

"Emirates Airline does not have an official Instagram account. Any Emirates-related accounts or promotions on Instagram do not belong to us."

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