The 27 most amazing kinds of insects

The 27 most amazing kinds of insects

"Very fast and aggressive and are known to have killed humans..."

"They can be heard over one quarter of a mile away..."

"They can pass through very fine apertures when doors and windows are shut..."

"They can split their jaws, normally held closed, to unfold their fangs when required..."

No, not One Direction fans: insects!

They come in over a million different flavours species, and that variety represents 90% of earth's animal bio-diversity.  With so many kinds of insects, there are some doozies to learn about, ranging from the iridescent and bio-luminscently beautiful, to the skin-crawlingly nightmare-ish. But they have one significant thing in common: they would all look boss as giant sci-fi monsters. Except for Goliath Beetles, which are giant already. 

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