90 Racist Vintage Ads That Won't Fly Today

90 Racist Vintage Ads That Won't Fly Today

Soap so good it will wash your ethnicity off! Black babies eating watermelons! Japanese people depicted as vermin! Good god we used to be terrible. Just as the advertising industry once (and okay, still does) play on sexism in order to sell products, so too did it harness the power of racial bigotry. Unlike push-up bra advertisements though, none of these unbelievably uncomfortable advertisements would fly today, as Nivea learned when they told black men to "re-civilise" themselves two years ago. 

Awful as these advertisements are, they also expose an uncomfortable truth about how discriminatory society was, only a short time ago. If you ever wonder why people "of a different generation" sometimes say intolerant (and intolerable) things, the attitudes shown in these pictures are a clear demonstration. These are also handy to pull out next time someone wonders what the problem with using controversial racial humour is. As you should learn from this gallery, it's way too soon for irony with this stuff. 

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