Where the Wild Things Are game in pipeline

Sarcastic Gamer is reporting that movie-license-centric developer Brash has gotten their hands on the licensing for upcoming childhood memory turned blockbuster flick Where the Wild Things Are.

SG reports that the developer is working on a video game adaption of the Maurice Sendak-penned classic. While we haven't been able to tie down any sort of official statement about the rumour, on its surface it seems to make sense. The upcoming movie is already in development by Legendary Films. And none other than Thomas Tull, founder and head of the studio, sits on Brash Entertainment's board.

Now if they could only grab the rights for In The Night Kitchen!

- As reported by Kotaku
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    Thursday 25 Sep 2008 - 11:46 PM
    id like to play it... it may come out before the movie does.
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