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You may have noticed a little something extra sitting at the top of this article. It’s a new way to connect between and Facebook. Don’t worry, we’re not going to clog your newsfeed, but if you do want to share us with friends, installing our social reader will make it a little easier to do it. What we’re more excited about is the way this new connection will display on the site. Now you’ll be able to see what articles your friends have been reading, and navigate the site that way. If you feel like indulging in some guilty pleasures, it’s easy to browse privately, but of course we’d love it if you showed us off.

The social reader is easy to install, just click the button at the top of the page, and then hover over your friends’ profile pictures to see what they’ve been reading. You can turn sharing on or off whenever you like, and what you do share will be featured in your activities log, but won’t turn up in your friends’ news feeds. We’re here to share, not spam.

Hope you love it.

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