The second explosive Grand Theft Auto V trailer is here!

The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V has a second trailer! The amount of buzz over this game could power a small city. So let's have a look at the trailer itself, then break it into tiny pieces and do some sweet, sweet analysis.

First off, superb song choice: Skeletons by Stevie Wonder is a terrific track, and given how stunningly vast Rockstar's previous GTA soundtracks have been (particularly that of Vice City), GTA V already seems to be giving us a taste of some serious auditory wonderment.

Secondly, the trailer introduces us to the three heroes of the game. Well, I say heroes. My one misgiving about Rockstar is their tendency to lean heavily on overtly tragic and violent tales about losing yourself to violence. They tend to treat tragedy like a narrative cure-all, and it can be exhausting to finish a game (GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire) and realise your entire gameplay experience is going to be wrapped up with a big ol' kick in the emotional junk, all in the name of drama. But Max Payne 3 proved that they seem to be evolving as storytellers, so we might be saved from another typical Rockstar ending.

The three main players in this game are James, a retired bank robber who lives in the Los Santos equivalent of Beverly Hills with his vapid, cretinous family. Then we have his best friend and ex partner, Trevor Philips, who lives in a trailer, is a drug addict, and is a psychopath. Finally we have Franklin, a repo man who seems the kindest of the three. Rockstar have already revealed that you'll be able to play as all three throughout the game, which should make for some fascinating gameplay and storytelling.

The gameplay itself looks typically action-packed, and i'm sure the game will, as reported, be the biggest installment yet. What I'd really love to see is some degree of choice. Being able to veer the plot towards salvation or damnation for our three antiheroes, or even being able to angle vaguely towards one of several endings, would make the whole experience so much richer. Or failing that, we can hope for an ending as well executed as that of Max Payne 3. I guess we'll have to wait until 2013 for that! Unless someone has access to time travel or viable cryogenics, in which case, leave a comment below.

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