The cutest video game story you'll see all week

Joebot's Little Video Game Books series!

Prepare yourself for the single cutest gaming story ever. Well, in recent memory, anyway.

Artist Joebot is, frankly, a wonderful genius. His latest series of prints are aimed specifically - very specifically - at gamers. To be fair, they're residing between two overlapping Venn diagrams; one comprising gamers, and one comprising people who read Little Golden Books when they were children. Let me give you an explanation of what he's gone and done.

For those of you still confused, let's have a look at my favourite, 'Rise and Shine Mister Freeman. He's taken the art style, fonts and weathered vintage aesthetic of Little Golden Books and made a tribute to Half Life 2; the title is a quote from the game itself, 'A Little Black Mesa Book' refers to the facility where the hero, Gordon Freeman, used to work, and the cherubic figures on the cover are Alyx Vance and Gordon Freeman. It's perfect. It's absolutely perfect.

Joebot has done a total of six prints in his Little Video Game Books series, and you can buy actual physical prints over at his Etsy page. I'm practically giddy with excitement here. Check out the gallery above to see all six.


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