Sony's Playstation announcement: Today

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai boasted last month that Sony would wait until Microsoft showed its hand on announcing next gen console details. Sony dropped the following teaser trailer a couple weeks ago—naturally it said nothing of the pending console—and served only to announce today’s announcement.

Still no official response from Microsoft on its pending console—however, details on the Xbox Kinect 2.0 leaked while you were sleeping this morning—an obvious PR ploy on Microsoft’s part. It’s like footballers sledging and jostling on a field.

Sony really needs to deliver. Today’s consoles aren’t just fighting one another anymore; their traditional user-base is being eroded by the omnipresence yet low commitment of mobile devices.

At 10AM AEDT today (21 Feb 2013), we’ll find out what Sony has to say. Hopefully Hirai’s bold statement was just hot air and that we actually get to see something interesting:

[UPDATE] This livestream is working better:

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