Game Review - Might and Magic Clash of Heroes HD

Game Review - Might and Magic Clash of Heroes HD

Might and Magic was never a series I played, and I can't rightly say why. It had (and indeed has) all the elements which should have grabbed my attention - heroes, fantasy trappings, unit management and loads of combat - but it never did. Perhaps because of the sheer amount of installments in the series, perhaps because I was distracted by other equally epic series at the time. Regardless, the release by Ubisoft of the HD port of Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes to IOS was the perfect excuse to jump right in.

That trailer, incidentally, is for the DS version, and the port doesn't include the nifty animated sequences (which is a bit of a loss). But otherwise, what you're looking at is what you'll get when you buy Clash of Heroes on the app store. It's a weird combination of turn based RPG and puzzle game, in which the combat mechanics come down to stacking your troops in clever formations, turning them into defenders or attackers, and charging up elite units to do huge delayed burst damage.  It's like wizarding chess from Harry Potter. On speed.

The combat mechanics might initially seem like a drawback, but frankly, they're the stupidly addictive core of this charming title. And they smack of Capy's involvement; Capy are the game developers involved in the unbelievable indie work of art, Sworcery, and the upcoming Super Time Force. So whilst you're playing a Might and Magic title (and you really can feel the weight of game upon game of lore throughout), you're also getting a big meaty chunk of artful indie goodness. 

You essentially follow the story in five parts by playing as one of five different military leaders at a time, each with different powers and play styles, beginning with the elves. You'll find yourself embroiled in loads of the combat we've talked about, but you'll also find yourself going on side quests, equipping gear and fiddling with your army composition; all the minutia that makes a good RPG suck away as much of your time as possible. 

Oh, and one more neat little feature: it has cloud saves. I installed it on my iPhone, then took all my saves over to my iPad. Seamless, just like almost every other aspect of the game. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes HD is definitely worth a look.

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