Five cool Kickstarter projects plus lesbian werewolves!

Kickstarter; it’s the eBay of ideas. If you don’t throw enough money at them—they don’t happen… or at least you get nothing.

In the last year, Kickstarter has received a lot of media attention thanks to some of its more notable projects. It really took off with the TikTok & LunaTik iPod Nano watches, one of which I’m wearing now. Another notable project that was kick-started is Diaspora, a challenger to the Facebook system that gives you full control of your online identity.

Now you can find a plethora of projects on the site that range in scope as much as they do in quality. Here are my picks:


The story of three young brothers who spend the night in New Orleans’ French Quarter. To be honest, I don’t know much more about this movie. It’s hard to gauge from the Kickstarter page and the above trailer doesn’t give much away. It could be a shithouse movie, but this whole project is about the music.

Filmmakers Bill and Turner Ross have completed their film, which, as you’d expect being centred in New Orleans, is heavy on the music. The sad thing is that the film won’t get the go-ahead if they can’t pay the royalties—$38,000 worth by their estimates.

I think the movie looks cool. At the time of writing, it has $36,596 with 10 days to go. Got a dollar bro?

Flex Is Kings

Okay, here’s another film. This one is a documentary. As the Kickstarter page puts it; Flex Is Kings is an independent feature length documentary about street dance in Brooklyn.

I’m no dancer—I don’t know much about dance but the shit these guys do is cool. The style is an artistic expression of life on the streets that includes, among other things, choreographed gun fighting.

The film is nearly complete. It needs editing (they’ve got 275 hours of footage to string out) and finalisation of the soundtrack.

With only $21,112 of the $40K goal and 7 days left, it will be sad to see this one go unfunded.

Wasteland 2

Wasteland was the first ever post-apocalyptic RPG. How many of us were alive in 1988? Three of us: me, the editor and your mum. To paraphrase the Kickstarter info; it was the inspiration for the Fallout series, which I’m sure you know. IGN named it one of the top 25 PC games ever! And it’s now in the Smithsonian.

The project is two-fold. The big publishers don’t want a bar of it (maybe they might take notice now), it’s not a guaranteed success and no one remembers the original. Obviously, it needs your money for it to get off the ground.

In addition to the money though, fans will have the opportunity to influence the game’s direction. That’s pretty sweet.

Check the video; it's funny.

This is one project you don’t have to worry about though. The initial goal was $900,000 and it’s currently sitting just below $2,000,000. Sorted.


Here’s a project that doesn’t need too much explanation. It’s an iOS-controlled robotic iPhone stand. All you need is an iPhone (in the stand) and another iOS device, both separated by distance. The distant device can control the direction of the stand giving the controller a view of everything.

Now, the examples they give here are cute; dad chatting to his little son, corporate video-conferencing and grandma watching her grandkid’s b’day party.

But my mind strayed to the darkside—PORN. Yeah, scantily-clad ladies (or lads) in their bedroom. You pay money to follow them around as they do mundane tasks like bending over to clean their room. Oh god… you know where I’m going with this.

Not only is it some well-designed kit, I think it’s a very well priced. 16 days to go and they’ve already beaten their $100,000 goal by nearly $300,000.


I’m not going to talk too much about this one. All I need to say is LESBIAN WEREWOLVES! If I owned a boat, Lesbians wouldn’t actually float it, but something about this concept is hottt!

Anathema is a six-issue horror comic. It’ll only cost you $5 for a PDF version, $7 will get it to you in print. 26 days to go… what are you waiting for. LESBIAN WEREWOLVES!

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