Firefox OS phones launched

The world of mobile phones is a strange place full of folks who don’t belong in it—we have a computer company that created a phone, operating system and application market and turned everything upside down. Then a search engine company joined in when it created a mobile operating system, changing the game again.

Meanwhile, the established players were (and probably still are) thinking, “WTF just happened there?” What’s more—no one actually talks on their phones anymore.

Last year, it got a little bit more interesting and diverse when Mozilla, parent organisation behind Firefox—the web browser—announced its very own mobile operating system—Firefox OS, no less. Of course, they haven’t stopped there—yesterday Mozilla announced a new home for Firefox OS in two ‘preview phones’—entry model Keon (below left) and the higher spec Peak (below right).

The phones, made by Spanish company Geeksphone, are will only available to developers as far as I can tell. Mozilla wants developers to get a feel for the operating system. However, being open source, Firefox OS can be installed on some Android devices.

Like Google’s Android, HTML5-based Firefox OS aims to level the mobile world with its open source foundations. That means any developer will be able to ‘buy into’ the operating system thanks to its openly accessible standards and free market place.

There’s no doubt that Firefox OS has a long, hard road ahead of it, but 2013, which Deloitte has called the year of the device, certainly just got a lot more interesting.

profile of Chuck Kolyvas