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For about a week, I was seeing more mentions of the word 'Vine' than usual online, and naturally assumed everyone's favourite Vine related site (which I humbly submit is this one) was getting namedropped like crazy. Then, of course, it hit me: something was up. Namely, Vine. Literally the perfect medium for someone with a scattered attention span.

Basically, Vine is a very new, very simple app which allows you to make six second looped videos. The interface is startlingly pared back; just hold your finger on the screen to record, and let go to pause the recording. In this way, you can make a six second uninterrupted clip, or you can make a frenetic mash-up of stuff. 

And in the interest of providing examples, here are several I've made over the past few days whilst trying Vine out. Here's 'Lion Dance'.

And here's a weird dream I had.

I did those with relative ease, but then again, I erred on the side of putting in time and effort, and being a weirdo. Vine is just as good for having cute looped footage of cats and whatnot, which means as Vine's community grows (and thanks to being fully backed by Twitter, it is growing remarkably fast), people will very likely get more ambitious with their Vine endeavors.

Right now, what Vine needs are some minor tweaks - the ability to film remotely, perhaps, and the ability to grab fellow Vine users from your list of Facebook friends - but it's essentially perfect. Clean, elegant, free and possessing so much potential. I mean, come on. You can make short films instantly now. I mean, sure, they're only six seconds long, but how is that a bad thing? Snack sized movie goodness, people. It's the way of the future.


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    Monday 18 Feb 2013 - 12:39 PM
    I'm gonna drop in where you can see random vine's as soon as they're uploaded.

    it's like bite sized voyeurism into people's lives.
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