Advertorial: Mission Complete: Sackboy shares his Project (Near) Space adventure

The eagle has landed! A statement which works provided you replace 'eagle' with 'Sackboy', and 'landed' with… well, landed! Apparently Sackboy's astronauting CV wasn't entirely filled with forgeries and false qualifications. Though we do still have doubts regarding his claims that he can fly light aircraft and teach capoeira.

Sackboy, star of PlayStation’s LittleBigPlanet franchise, went through with his launch into what adoring fans are referring to as the 'sackosphere'. The balloon he was attached to as he made his meteoric ride reached up to 95 000 feet, and the whole journey was captured using four Sony Action Cams, tethered to his tiny craft to provide a 360 panoramic view.

So where did Sackboy land? Well, whilst Sackboy revealed to the press that he was hoping to end up in Paris, or perhaps that secret valley where all the sexy redheads come from (his words, not ours), he did in fact end up in a wheat field over 69 kilometres away from his starting point. Sackboy was brave and totally didn't cry when he was greeting by freshly tilled soil, and not a ginger holding a baguette.

Over 1000 Sackboy’s fans were glued to the Project (Near) Space section of the PlayStation Australia Facebook page, where they'd not only gotten a look at the winning entry in the spacesuit design competition, but also flung down pins where they predicted Sackboy would land using strategic clues and tips provided. Pins were placed with the sharp end down as per Sackboy’s request, so as to ensure he wouldn't be accidentally impaled on one. We tried to explain that wasn't how it worked, but he pulled rank, the fuzzy little astronaut.

Sackboy also landed safe and sound in the winning suit entry;  an array of designs were proposed to him, but he went with the one designed by Tom Fox. Tom! Sackboy said to tell you that the chafing was minimal.

So what next for Sackboy? Well, having conquered the sky, he's now going to conquer the road, in LittleBigPlanet™ Karting on PlayStation 3. You'll be able to play it when it hits stores next week! And remember: If you missed out on Sackboy’s skybound adventure, you can catch up at PlayStation Australia’s Facebook page or their YouTube channel.

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