Scott Ludlam knows where it's at, wants to be cast in 'Rake'

While the rest of the world (and us) were glued to the Oscars around 10pm on Monday night, WA Greens senator Scott Ludlam decided to use his final Senate speech before WA's Senate re-election in April to bitch slap Tony Abbott, for seven minutes. 

Australia's own Adam Scott lookalike delivered his direct and blunt address to the Prime Minister in front of a virtually empty chamber - Liberal Helen Kroger was the only other senator in the house - but thanks to the powers of the internet, which he praised, his social media stock is now rising.  

"Even the internet is turning green, for the win. Geeks and coders, network engineers and gamers, who would never have voted Green in a million years without the blundering and technically illiterate assistance of your leadership team, for this, I thank you," he said.

He then invited Abbott to visit Western 'that'll be $7 for that latte, thanks' Australia, a place which is "closer to Denpasar than Western Sydney", as sandgropers have other concerns, not just shark culling and Gina Rinehart's inheritance.

"The reason I extend this invitation to you, Mr Prime Minister, to spend as much time as you can spare in Western Australia because every time you open your mouth, the Green vote goes up."

And then finished with the perfect, meme worthy sound bite relating to the recent unrest on Manus Island:

"Prime Minister, you're welcome to take your heartless, racist exploitation of people's fears and ram it as far from Western Australia as your tax payer funded travel entitlements can take you."

He then went on to host his own Reddit AMA, sort of like Lorde and Bill Murray but better as some praised him while others pressed him on policy issues relating to the GMO market, the ETS, NBN and other important acronyms.

On Friday, the fall out from what some mainstream media commentators called a "vile speech" began after Ludlam declined an offer to appear on Sky News.

But it turns out he'd rather deal in fiction and/or comedy. 
Image via
profile of Jenna Clarke