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Unofficial Beyoncé Week

I’m calling it—this last week is named Unofficial Beyoncé Week. As if that lip sync fiasco at January’s presidential inauguration never happened, Beyoncé headlined the halftime entertainment at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans. If you’re still reading, I don’t need to tell you what went on. However, I do want to point out the photo below. DAYAM!—when I go to hell for being gay—I assume it will look like this:

Beyoncé’s UK Tour

It’s no coincidence then that Bey announced her UK tour for April this year. It’s also no coincidence that she’s doing the Marie Antoinette thing, à la Les Miserables.

Speaking of tail ends (this is the final Beyoncé reference—promise), Michelle Williams—third wheel on the Destiny’s Child act—really hasn’t had much success since the band broke up. As such, she gets paid out on. is a “compilation of all the times Michelle Williams got the short end of the Destiny's Child stick.” It’s refreshingly cruel.

Batman on Robin

Whether you’re gay and you have a thing for men in Lycra or you just haven’t told your girlfriend yet—San Francisco’s Mission Comics & Art is currently showing Batman on Robin, an exhibition that focuses on the “homoerotic subtext in the relationships between Batman and the various Robins he’s fond of collecting.” So who’s the top? One tip: “bat cave” LOL, that doesn’t even make sense.

The future in pizza

In 1950 Aldous Huxley wrote about what the year 2000 would be like. He made some fairly accurate predictions such as ‘remote control’ agricultural machinery and increased leisure time (for most of us (in the first world)) those predictions came true. But if, perhaps, Aldous looked a bit further into the future to 2013, he probably wouldn’t have liked what he saw.

The penny drops in Canada

Canadia has seen the light—they’ve decided they don’t need the penny, or 1-cent coin anymore. Whilst pennies remain legal tender, Canada joins Australia and New Zealand in rounding up or down to the nearest 5-cent. Meanwhile Australia is ready to move on to dropping the 5-cent coin. Can I get a “HELL YEAH”?

LOL Christopher Pyne uses Twitter

He’s the guy who compared our/his government to Adolf Hitler’s executive in the movie Falling Down, after Gillard reshuffled her frontbench ahead of the September 14 election. Labour wasn’t very happy and demanded a retraction, but you know YOLO. Anyway, Pyne objected to a parody account on Twitter this week… thought he knew the rules. And even if this isn't real (I couldn't find @ChrisPyneMP), it's still funny and he's still a dick.

Sydney & Melbourne in world’s top 5 happiest cities

Yeah, we should be pretty fucking happy right now—low unemployment, decent weather (mostly) and a high dollar that lets us slam international checkouts. So Melbourne came 5th and Sydney came 2nd. I’m not suspicious of the metrics that were used at all… I just think they should do a recount. Just because we wear a lot of black doesn’t mean we’re not happy! Happiest city—Rio de Janeiro… I wonder if they surveyed folks in the favelas.

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