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Prince Philip’s latest racist gaffe

It’s never a dull time with Prince Philip around. In his latest royal gaffe, the prince is introduced to a Filipino expatriate nurse when he remarks, “Philippines—must half empty. Well you’re all here… running the NHS.” To his credit it was said in a warm way with no hint of malice. The prince is a true relic of a bygone era when such statements were normal.

Chief investigator on Pistorius’ case faces homicide charges

If you didn’t think this bizarre case was worth a two-part mini series to air on Channel 7—think again. The story just got more weird with the chief prosecutor Hilton Botha, who a couple days ago gave evidence against Pistorius, facing charges of attempted homicide. Originally dropped in 2011, the reinstated charges relate to a previous case where the detective fired shots at a mini van that failed to stop. No one was injured however Botha faces 7 counts of attempted homicide, one for each occupant of the van. Botha has been removed from the case as he is no longer fit to give evidence. Naturally, I assumed it was a political ploy to stymie the case, however, a police spokesperson claims, “the decision to reinstate was taken on February 4, way before the issue of Pistorius came to light or the murder of Reeva was committed."

Benedict’s replacement could be worse

Who’d have thought it could get worse than the AIDS promoting/anti-contraceptive, homophobe who currently runs the Catholic Church? Cardinal Peter Turkson, a man in the running for the number one spot, has towed the company line on homosexuality. In fact, Turkson has gone so far as to say that Africa is free from the “tendency” because it is culturally against the “taboo.” Labeling homosexuality an “alternative lifestyle,” Turkson defended anti-gay legislation such as Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill. His one redeeming quality is that he’s black, putting him in touch with the church’s massive third world powerbase.

Vatican’s American flock split 50-50

Above: Clearly Benedict is his 1D. Photo: Riccardo De Luca, AP

Whilst we’re on the topic of the institutionally misguided, a new poll shows that American Catholics are evenly split on wanting change versus sticking with the program. 46 per cent of American Catholics are ready for the church to “become more modern (19%), get tougher on sex abuse (15%), allow priests to marry (14%), accept homosexuality (9%), allow women to be priests (9%), and lessen the church's opposition to the use of contraception (7%).” Halle-fucking-lujah—there is a God after all.

The Swiss kill their only wild bear

Bear M13 was labeled a “problem bear” by Swiss authorities in November last year after he increasingly searched for food in human inhabited areas. Whilst never having attacked a human, the frequency of M13’s visits had authorities scared he’d attack, as he showed no signs of being scared of people. M13 learned that you don’t fuck with the Swiss there is no room for bears in Swiss society.

Video: North Korea burns Obama

North Korea are featuring in the news quite a lot lately. Late, great leader Kim Jong-il would be proud of his son, stirring up shit and sticking it to the bloated dogs of the west. Comrade, gaze upon this Youtube video and a respect North Korea’s nuclear superiority!

$300M diamonds stolen

There’s no denying the perpetual allure of diamonds. 8 armed men (ie: men with guns, not men with 8 arms) rammed a fence at Brussels airport as 10kg of diamonds were being loaded onto a flight. They held the security guards and flight crew at gunpoint before making off with the rocks. And the most appropriate cat burglar movie theme music award goes to Reuters. Well done.

Bodybuilding student dies taking burning pills

Kids it just goes to show that there’s no substitute for hard work, a good diet and good genes. 18-year-old Sarmad Alladin was rushed to hospital where he died, only hours after praising fat burning pills containing Dinitrophenol/Dymetadrine (DNP). The British Food Standards Agency had previously advised to avoid the pills.

320 Gigapixel image of London: world’s largest

British Telecom has produced the world’s largest image, a composite of 48,000 shots, at a whopping 320 gigapixels (320 billion). The photograph, which took 3 days to shoot, allows the viewer to zoom in on details 35kms away. The image took 3 months to process. View the interactive image here.

PS4 launch

Finally, the Sony Playstation 4 was launched yesterday without so much as a glimpse of the games console itself. Instead, Sony chose to push the console’s face-lifted controller and the system’s key features with the bulk of the presentation focusing on announcements from games developers who’re supporting the system.


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