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Tropfest winner: We’ve All Been There

Last night, “We’ve All Been There”, a film by Nick Clifford won Tropfest Australia 2013. It’s a nice film… but I was expecting more of a twist. Watch it in full above.

That amazing Russian meteorite

A meteorite fell to earth (or technically—collided with earth) somewhere in Russia’s Ural Mountains. The strike apparently had the energy of 20 Hiroshimas. Keeping that in mind, it’s amazing that no one was killed and only minor injuries were reported. The meteorite raises questions: yeah sure “what is life?” But also, what is it that meteorites like about Russia? Why do so many Russians have dashcams? And, what does it take to impress a Russian? Seriously, in the myriad scary Russian dashcam videos, where babies get thrown from cars, so few of them raise their voices.

Azealia Banks does the Harlem Shake

In case you missed it, everyone’s favourite brand of ebony sass has dropped a cover of Baauer’s Harlem Shake. But as with anything Banks does, there’s spice in the mix—read up about it on TheVine, y’all.

Light up Star Wars space destroyer birthday cake

If you ever want to impress a geek—make this cake. Shock will be frozen on their carbonite face.

Mass wedding: 7,000 Moonies can’t be wrong

7,000 devotees of the late Sun Myung Moon, otherwise known as Moonies, were married in a mass ceremony east of Seoul this weekend. Adding to the validity of cult behaviour and making Catholics seem relatively normal, it is alleged that many of the couples only meet days before the ceremony.


It was Valentines day last week, but WTF? This story accompanied the above image on the HuffPost:

Biologist Crystal Crimbchin hands out Valentine's Day cards to African Penguins at the California Academy of Sciences on February 13, 2013 in San Francisco, California. In honor of Valentine's Day, the colony of African Penguins at the California Academy of Sciences received heart-shaped red valentines with hand written messages from Academy visitors. (Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)

Does anyone understand America?

Them Catholics are completely Popeless

Benedict, the head of the Catholic Church decided to throw in the shroud this week. He leaves a wonderful legacy of AIDS denial, contraception denial, gay denial and all-purpose exorcism. Let’s hope he meets his maker soon for all his naughty sins against humanity! The question now is; which robed lunatic will replace him as God’s man on the ground?

Red Bull Perspective

Primer: Make no mistake; Red Bull’s “Perspective” is a high budget energy drink commercial with the sole aim of imprinting their logo into your minds so that you recall it every time you think you need a pick-you-up.

Teamed with pro cinematographers and away from the familiarity of their respective hoods, Red Bull skater Ryan Sheckler and friends journey into undiscovered skate country. “Perspectives” is a visual feast with smooth slow motion photography that turns skating into a physics lesson. Sheckler’s ability to get big air yet keep his board perfectly mated to his feet is dumbfounding. Each of them have clearly exceeded their 10,000 hours of mastery.

Note the solid soundtrack—it features our own Flume, proving that he’s right on the money for USA success.

Number 23 turns 50

Speaking of getting “big air”, Michael Jordan turned 50 years old yesterday. That’s practically ancient in sportsperson years. Here—watch some dunks:

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